"ASUS NX500's color accuracy is "outstanding"... the display's ability to display color gamuts in their near-entirety is "the best we've ever recorded. Colors were shockingly vibrant, as if objects were ready to leap off the screen." ~ Digital Trends
"3M's optical film makes images on flat screens brighter, allowing the devices to project higher-quality imagery without using additional electricity - thereby extending battery life." ~ PioneerPress.com
"The Asus Zenbook NX500 looks like a really solid pick right now. Spec wise, nor the Dell XPS 15 or the Retina Macbook Pro can match it" ~ UltrabookReviews.com
"3M’s colour enhancement film enables colour-on-the-go as a way to achieve high color gamut in a display." ~ ComputerDealerNews.com
"In addition to a superior visual experience, the Asus Zenbook NX500 features Bang & Olufsen speakers, a sleek and stylish all-aluminum unibody design and is touchscreen enabled." ~ Twice.com
"It's fully loaded" ~ HotHardware.com
"Quantum Dots "produce many more colors than conventional pixels, resulting in far more colorful screens" ~ Mashable.com
"The high-end laptop is a posh device that left us impressed, especially with its 4K screen." ~ PC World
"The 4K screen can display images at a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, which is four times sharper than traditional high-definition displays." ~ ComputerWorld
"Colors were shockingly vibrant, as if objects were ready to leap off the screen." ~ DigitalTrends.com

Your Laptop’s Display Screen Quality Isn’t Good Enough.

No matter which commercial laptop you are using, you are getting 28%+ less color than an old fashioned, super-pixelated, mega-heavy TV from the 1950’s.

In 1953, a group called the National Television Standards Committee (NTSC) set a high standard for how much color a digital screen should express. But as product developers focused on other technology color quality was left behind.

It’s time to tell the industry to get back to the basics. What good is a color display if your quality stinks?

Help us raise the bar:

Add your name to our public petition and lets remind the FCC, the NTSC, and the manufacturers of consumer electronics: laptops, tablets, televisions, display screens and computers, that #ColorMatters!

The Asus Zenbook NX500 is available through the following fine retailers beginning Dec. 3, 2014.
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